About us

Every beginning is hard… so the saying, and it was!

…so the saying, and it was!.

Our company and the facilitys were built from scratch on! For a better illustration, we have prepared some pictures for you. Explore our development. We moved in the facilitys in Sambach 97, 96178 Pommersfelden in May 2010. Take a look at the pictures, and see our company grow and develop.

Many THANKS for the support!

A warm Thank you to all helping hands, who, for example, installed a 9 Meter chimney in a freezing rain, completed the heating system at -18 degrees, installed air lines at 5 m height, maintained the machines and have pulled through the modifications! Not at least I say „THANK YOU“, to whom I may forgot to mention. Above all, I thank you, my loyal customers!

A big THANK YOU for your trust, I will always do everything to bring the best possible quality for you and your car.

Kai Behning

Our business

The company PTB-Racing or Präzisions-Teile-Behning keep on dealing with the production of efficiency-enhancing parts for engines like flywheels, pulleys and custom parts made of aluminum or steel. With our fast acting production we are able to produce individual items, small (up to Medium-sized) series. For further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!
Our key business is balancing, with experience of many years we are able to balance virtually all kinds off rotating parts. No question what engine: Vr 6 | V8 | Vr5 or V6 every shaft and flywheel! We solve our tasks with a combination of know-how and innovation.

We keep the engine running

“The doer alone learneth.”
“Who wants to fly has to learn to walk at first…” (Friedrich Nietzsche 1844-1900)

With efficient technologies and a independent product range, we are able to acquire many satisfied costumers. All manufacturing steps are completed in our facilities.
We are able to deliver fast, in best quality and in according to our high quality standards.