The flywheel

A flywheel or gyrating mass is a machine element. It is used to store kinetic energy (Keywords: rotational energy and inertia). The idea is, to store rotational energy with minimal friction loss for use in case of need.


Currently we differ:

Dual-mass flywheels and single mass flywheel


The task of a flywheel is to store energy. In the automotive sector, the flywheel is required for the following:


The advantages of the flywheel

For all these points can be concluded: a flywheel can control a lot of factors.

Acceleration, engine agility, power transmission, idle stability, decouple interfering frequencies are some of that factors.

Sporty drivers with a focus on a tight human machine interface should choose a single mass flywheel.

The feedback from the engine is more evident, gear switches can be done much faster and the acceleration of the car is higher. PTB racing delivers only tested, from high strength steel or aluminum manufactured and fine balanced flywheels to costumers and dealer all over the world.

For motorsport we produce dual-mass flywheels and custom crafted parts off all kinds – with experience and know how collected in many years. Please send us a draft or give us a call, i will be our pleasure to satisfy your needs. Our range offers you, additional to our single flywheels, we carry retrofitting kits for dual mass flywheels. This kits include a single mass flywheel with matching clutch.


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