A flywheel (or balance wheel) is important for a solid interaction between engine and gearbox. It is necessary to kill unwanted effects all tough flywheels in modern cars are much to heavy and fragile (two-mass flywheel). Replace your prone flywheel and get a tough and light one-mass flywheel from PTB Racing, made in Germany.
Faster rev-up, faster switching, less fuel consumption are just some of the benefits our light and strong flywheels.

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Our ten year experience in balancing belt drives and flywheels guarantees you a high quality product. Our products are proven in drag cars, race cars and heavy-duty vehicles. Take a look at our methods in balancing rotating engine parts in multi-level balancers.
Additional to our core business we also balance industrial used applications and parts like fans, abrasive wheels, tools, and so forth.

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PTB Racing – Your partner for
flywheels and belt drives

Are you looking for a possibility to upgrade the driving experience with your car? Don´t you think about tighten the contact to your engine? Do you want to decrease your fuel consumption drastic by increasing your torque at the same time?

Our know-how is your benefit…

Then you´ve come to the right place! PTB racing has been working for ten years about these issues and offer high quality belt drives and flywheels to comply those requirements.By the use of our flywheels your car lose superfluous wight by delivering better acceleration at once.
Tune your car with our pulleys and flywheels and enjoy much more agility and fun on the road!

For further questions on the topics flywheel or belt drive we are at your disposal – just talk to us.

Tasks of the flywheel

A flywheels is used to store kinetic energy and helps the crankshaft to avoid so called idle-cycles and dead spots. It ensures a slower loss of engine power, particularly at higher rev. A dual mass flywheel also reduces existing torsional vibrations between clutch and drive.

Important details

The flywheel is a part of the clutch and holds the friction surface. On the outer edge of the flywheel is a sprocket mounted, this part is needed to start up the engine. If the sprocket is damaged or worn, a reliable engine start cant be ensured.

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