About our (aluminium) pulleys

Every single of our pulleys is made from a high strength aluminum alloy. Thanks to modern computer aided technology in the manufacturing process, we offer state of the art parts at a highest quality level. We supply only high grade turning steel, according to DIN and ISO from certified distributors.


We offer all kinds of custom-made parts. With our modern machinery we are able to find a working solution for virtually all common problems related with rotating parts.

If you are looking for a matching pulley for your vehicle type, which is currently not in our range, please send us a sample or a technical draft. We will get back to you for a detailed discussion.

Effect of our aluminum pulleys

A pulley is used to transmit power needed to drive auxiliary units in combustion engines. In difference to common alternatives, pulleys of PTB racing feature much more advantages:

–         They run quieter
–         They deliver a higher endurance
–         They transmit high forces even at low speed

Based on its countless advantages, a pulley is a frequent used part in mechanical engineering and, as a part of it, in the automotive sector. Due to its simple and robust construction, it is usual to give pulleys no the best possible accuracy and balance. If you want to get high precision parts, for heavy duty or for high performance engines, please take a look at our portfolio.

Of course every engine or drive train will benefit from our optimized pulleys:

–         They are lighter than conventional pulleys, therefore

–         Our pulleys are precision balanced, therefore

Not at least they are looking much better. We recommend our pulleys particularly for overhauled engines, they will deliver a higher durability and a smoother operating compared with OEM parts.